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Premier accountancy service

ICP Accountancy has built a business model designed around a flat, affordable monthly fee that our clients pay to receive full accountancy services. The combination of our live accounting support and cloud-based software has been created specifically to meet the needs of independent workers including locums, freelancers, consultants, and contractors. Our premier service includes setting up your limited company, helping you manage your day-to-day accounting, and maintaining full compliance with taxation and other regulations.

Our service is divided into several different categories:

Business set-up

We will set up your limited company from scratch. This includes registering your company with both HMRC and Companies House, and advising you regarding IR35 status. We will also handle:

Quarterly accounting

Our quarterly accounting services make it easy for you to handle all PAYE and VAT payments. We will calculate your payments, advise you when and how much to pay, and provide any other assistance you need in this area.

Ongoing services

ICP Accountancy is happy to provide clients with ongoing service throughout the year. Our ongoing service begins with assigning each client a dedicated account manager; we include that manager's direct phone number and e-mail address for support purposes. We also provide unlimited telephone and e-mail support through the account manager and dedicated account.

Our ongoing services also include:

ICP Accountancy provides these services for one small, flat monthly fee and no contract. Sufficient notice is required should you decide to no longer use or services. We will make the transfer to a new accountancy service should you choose to work with a new provider.

Monthly accounting

Our monthly accounting services include producing and issuing a profit-loss statement for your business and complete operation of your payroll with appropriate payslips for each worker.

Annual accounting

Our annual accounting services ensure all of your paperwork is produced and filed according to the appropriate government regulations. This includes, but may not be limited to:

Our ongoing services also include:

Your responsibilities

In order to make our relationship work, you and/or your company needs to fulfil certain responsibilities. First, you must respond to all correspondence from us in a timely manner. Second, you are expected to pay your monthly fee each month and on time. Third, you must send us copies of your business bank statements, expense claim forms, and invoices. As long as you meet your obligations as outlined here, we can provide our accountancy services without a problem.

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